Custom- and tailored-made stairs from New Signature.

New Signature is the expert in custom-made stairs and staircases. We have a long history in crafting custom made stairs. Started in 1884 as a local craftsman of stairs called “Trappenmakerij Vermeulen”, now called New Signature. Throughout the years the company has grown and is now the reference for custom and tailor-made stairs.

Each stair is measured, designed and custom crafted by New-Signature personally. The design is presented to the client for final feedback or remarks.

Every stair can be made with a railing in woord or metal. The design can be different from other, each stair is designed to fit the interior.

Delivery time!

When an order is made, it takes 3 weeks to deliver the custom made stair.

Types of stairs:

  • One quarter of a turn (1/4)
  • Double quarter of a turn (2/4)
  • Third quarter of a turn (3/4)
  • Straight stair Stair with bearing
  • Curved or twisted stair

We have a large offer regarding types of wood for the production of wooden stairs, totally in harmony with the interior of the client. Beside the classic wood types such as beech and oak we have the following kinds: afrormosia, afzellia, American alder, maple, pine, iroko, jatoba, merbau, movingui, padouk, meranti, sipo, sapeli, wengé, rubberwood and walnut.

For stairs which are placed in the exterior we have the following sorts of woods: padouk, afrormosia, afzelia, iroko, itauba, jatoba, merbau, mahogany, sipo and sapeli.


The build of a wooden stair with two stringers can be done in different ways. One method is to place the stair between the stringers, another methode is to connect the stairs on the stringers. When the last method is being used we work with visible or invisible stringers.


When a stair is build with one stringer then it is build with one central stringer which can be found in the middle of the stair.


A stair can also be build without the use of a stringer. This gives the stair a light look and feel. For this type of stair you have the choice between a floating or self-carrying stair.


A twisted stair is build around one central spine in a spiral construction. The choice for a twisted stair is mostly made to save up space or because of design preferences.

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